Beholder: A Totalitarian Landlord Simulator – Out Now

Imagine a scenario where the state appointed landlords to spy on their tenants. How would you feel as a tenant, or even better, how would you act as a landlord? This is precisely the world that Beholder [$4.99] introduces to you. The game was just recently released by Creative Mobile and the game is extremely interesting. You will be doing the state’s dirty work by spying on your own tenants, will you let some things slip by or will you report them?

You can even blackmail some of the tenants with the information you got just to make profit for yourself. This game puts you in charge of the lives of many and your decisions make a difference to each. Knowing your tenants past and relationships may turn your heart from stone to soft but you might just want to ruin their lives for the fun of it. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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