MARVEL Future Fight – Welcome The Totally Awesome Hulk In Latest Update!

Surely, you all heard of the new Korean American character, Amadeus Cho, who is also known as the Totally Awesome Hulk. He was introduced to the Marvel Comics last year on The Avengers’ team. Luckily, we get to experience the power of this giant destruction machine in MARVEL Future Fight [Free] now! All you need to do is to update your game to version 1.9.1 and this new character will be within your grasp. But that is not all that you get in the latest update, there is more.

Now, the game has 5 new uniforms for Angela, Drax, Hulk, Loki, and Rocket Raccoon. While 6 different characters have received new 6-star skills and they are for Captain Marvel, Drax, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Red Hulk, and Starlord. From the look of things, we can now confirm that this update has been very hulky! Some players have been waiting for new stages, and will be very happy to know that a new stage, Villain Siege Mode, has been added. And if you play with the recommended characters for this mode, you will be given extra rewards.

Finally, with this update we have a new and improved user interface which makes gameplay a whole lot easier than before. In the next update, we expect to see improvements to character skills to enhance battle improvements and matchmaking in co-op mode is also expected to be fixed. So how excited are you for all the contents of this update? To get you even more excited, check the trailer for the new update below.

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