Monster Hunter Explore – Now Soft Launched In Canada

One of the most anticipated games of this year was just soft launched in Canada! That’s right, we are talking about Monster Hunter Explore [Free] which was previously available to Japanese players only. The Monster Hunter franchise is designed specifically for hardcore gamers and can be extremely challenging. You will love Capcom’s Monster Hunter Explore, especially for its gigantic monsters that you will have to face.

Unlike Monster Hunter UniteMonster Hunter Explore is a Free-to-play game and this can mean In-app purchases. But to be completely honest with you, this title is a gorgeous social RPG that will immerse you in its compelling adventure and epic monster battles and perhaps being free is a good thing for many players that might not afford paying $19.99 for a game of this magnitude. Luckily, there are no energy restrictions so being a freemium isn’t so bad after all.

Surpassing the never-ending drama, let us discuss what Monster Hunter Explore is all about. Picture an RPG world where you get to battle the biggest monsters you can imagine, from centaur-like creatures to glorified dragons. Unlike standard RPG titles, it offers a complex gaming experience with co-operative mode where you can play along with 4 of your friends. This means playing in real time which will face you against much more massive monsters than what you will find on solo quests.

It comes with a comfortable control system allowing basic attacks and combos. Since the game is viewed in portrait mode, the controls can be managed with one hand only, which is quite impressive for such a complex game. But we all know that you will need to use that second hand when you see the fierce beasts that will come for you.

You get to travel across the seas and explore new hunting grounds! With 12 types of weapons to master, you have the ultimate tools to face off against the most dangerous monsters. Remember that there are more than 100 weaknesses that you can exploit against the monsters in the game. Running and rolling become a routine in battles as you will have to avoid enemy attacks because the AI is designed to adapt to your fighting style. A ”Survival of the Fittest” system to the core!

Finally, any Monster Hunter title is welcome to the mobile platform because this franchise is the real deal when it comes to a true online RPG experience. Considering that the game has been soft launched to an English speaking country like Canada, then we believe that the game will launch worldwide very soon. If you have a Canadian iTunes account, then you can click here to download the game. You can watch the announcement trailer for this game below.

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