Mobius Final Fantasy: Western Release Confirmed – Coming Soon

It seems that Final Fantasy games will always be in the news, as they rightfully should. Today, we will share with you good news about Mobius Final Fantasy, an episodic RPG that was released in the summer of 2015 by Square Enix. You see, it was released for iOS and Android but only on the Japanese App Store. That leaves the international community of fans unable to play it. Very recently, it was confirmed by Yoshinori Kitase, the game’s producer, that it will be released to the international community ”in the not-so distant future.”

Originally announced as Mevius Final FantasyMobius Final Fantasy developed this game to deliver a turn-based console quality experience. Having the producer of Final Fantasy VI & VII on the team certainly pushed the game beyond the limits of mobile boundaries. The game is absolutely gorgeous and is highly anticipated by the Final Fantasy international community.

The game may not live up to its console-grade image when you look at the freemium system it is built on. There were complaints from Japanese players regarding the user interface which was reported to be crowded and features undersized buttons. Of course, some of the complaints can be easily resolved and we have yet to see how the international version will look like, so don’t be disappointed yet.

In Final Fantasy games, the plot matters most, so let’s explore the world of Mobius Final Fantasy. The protagonist of this game is named Wol who awakes in the foreign world of Paramitia with no memories. Being one of many Blanks, he was brought to Paramitia to free it from the darkness consuming it. He will be facing the armies of Chaos with the aid of Princess Sarah. It shares a lot of elements with previous Final Fantasy titles in regards to symbolism, leveling, and exploration.

Square Enix never fails to impress with their Final Fantasy franchise and we are looking forward to play this game in 2016. This game was a center of controversy in Japan due to the hero revealing too much skin than necessary which ended up with an outfit change. Oh Wol, what were you thinking?! Finally, we have a chat room for Final Fantasy which you can join. You can find us by downloading Bindle [Free]. Once you get access to this app, choose ”Join” and type ”FinalFantasyCommunity” in order to find us. You can watch the Japanese trailer for Mobius Final Fantasy below.


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