Pokemon Sword & Shield – The Cinder Citadel DLC

As we all wait for the Crown Tundra DLC to arrive to Pokemon Sword & Shield later this year, new rumors have been floating about an upcoming 3rd DLC. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that these are rumors and not leaks or official announcements. We thought it would be interesting for you to explore with us this new rumor.

The rumor surfaced with an anonymous account posting that a new DLC called The Cinder Citadel will be announced next year on Pokemon Day, February 27th, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Pokemon. This anonymous user described this DLC as a massive Wild Area filled with huge empty castles and ruins. This sounds extremely interesting, if true. Definitely a great concept for a DLC that all Pokemon fans would love.

The post continues that in the game you meet Mr. Wyman, a professor from a ”far off land,” that visits Galar to search for an ancient Pokemon. You get to help Mr. Wyman on his mission to uncover this mysterious Pokemon.

The Citadel legendary is based on a Welsh dragon and is a dual type Pokemon featuring Rock & Dragon. This legendary dragon is portrayed to be black like cooled-off magma, according to the anonymous informant. He also adds that the DLC features more Gigantamax forms for Galarian Sinnoh final evolutions and the Citadel legendary. Unown is said to be available in this DLC and would play a key in finding the legendary dragon Pokemon.

While the Wild Area in Cinder Citadel is rumored to be small, around 70% of Isle of Armor’s size, the DLC keeps you interested due to its replayability that’s based on changing layouts of dungeons on a daily basis. And to make it even more interesting, he claims that there will be weekly Bug Catching and Fishing tournaments. These events actually sound really fun and competitive.

Finally, this all sounds really exciting but it is difficult to see a new DLC announced early next year, especially when the Crown Tundra DLC has not yet been released. We do wish that there is a third DLC, of course, and if we learn anything more about this rumor then we will keep you updated. It wouldn’t be too crazy if such a DLC is actually planned for the 25th anniversary but we will find out soon enough. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon: Sword & Shield.

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