Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location – Out Now Worldwide

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location [$2.99] has just been released for iOS. If you remember, it launched on Google Play last week. Many iOS users were disappointed that they couldn’t grab it during Christmas to spend some of their time on it. Still, we are happy that it is finally available.

The game takes place in Circus Baby’s Pizza World. The location is described as a family-friendly place where fun and interactivity go beyond what you have experienced in other pizza places. Oh we know what that means, a new level of horror! There is an employment notification requesting for a ”Late night technician who enjoys cramped spaces and is comfortable around active machinery.” The notification ends with a pleasant reminder that they will not be responsible for any death or dismemberment of the new employee. Just the perfect job you need, huh?

The graphics look very enhanced in comparison to the previous games of the franchise. The mobile title includes everything that was available in the PC version, including Custom Night, an extra night updated to the game which takes place in a private room. You can watch the trailer for Sister Location below.

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