Pokemon Sword & Shield – Get A Shiny Haxorus

Haxorus is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield in terms of attack stats, especially with moves like Crunch and Close Combat. It is certainly a favorite of ours. The Shield Pokedex describes Haxorus as a Dragon Type that is considered to be kindhearted and yet can become terrifying if angered. It also adds that its tusks can slice through steel beams and that is how Haxorus deals with its opponents. Quite a description.

The regular Haxorus is usually found in the Lake of Outrage area where a lot of rare Pokemon spawn or you can find its first evolution, Axew, on Route 6. Haxorus is a bipedal Pokemon that has a dark yellow-green covering on its back and front. This is the color of the regular Haxorus, however, the shiny one comes with different colors. As you can see in the image provided, the Shiny Haxorus looks dark gray.

Today, we will share with you a guide on how to get a Shiny Haxorus based on the article by ScreenRant. What we will be doing in this article is giving you our take on the process. Since Haxorus is a third evolution Pokemon, you can take to any of the Daycare centers (located on Route 5 or Wild Area) an Axew (its first evolution), Fraxure (its second evolution), or Haxorus along with a regional Ditto. The regional Ditto increases the chance of getting a shiny egg. You can either get it by trading or search for one using the Global Trade System in Pokemon Home.

Having a Ditto from another region breeding with an Axew, Fraxure, or Haxorus from a different region will increase the chances of you getting a Shiny Egg from 1 in 4096 to (0.024%) to 1 in 682 (0.15%). With the Shiny Charm item included that improves to 1 in 339 (0.30%). We talk more about the Shiny Charm item below.

This way you can leave both Pokemon at the Daycare in order to get an egg. You need to ensure that the Pokemon at the start of the party has a Flame Body ability since it allows eggs to hatch faster. The easiest Pokemon to get with this ability is Carkol which spawns in the Galar mine. After a bit of time (usually 20 minutes), an egg will appear and it can be claimed by talking to the Daycare lady.

As you see, this is a game of chance and you can keep increasing the chances of getting a Shiny Haxorus by continuously claiming and hatching these eggs until you get a Shiny Axew which you can evolve into a Shiny Fraxure and then into a Shiny Haxorus. It is time consuming but there are ways to increase your chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon.

The most effective item that can increase your chances to find Shiny Pokemon is the Shiny Charm. This is a reward given to you when you complete the Galar region Pokedex, yes, that means all 400 of them. It is quite difficult if you have Sword or Shield since some are exclusives but if you have completed your Pokedex then you can get the Shiny Charm from Circhester, inside the building that has flags on it. There is an elevator which you can enter and find the room on the extreme left where there is a doctor in it. He will give you the item.

Finally, we know how difficult it is to get the Shiny Charm, so if you can’t complete the Pokedex then just stick to the process no matter how long it is. You don’t need to get a Shiny Haxorus in one single day, you can work on this throughout a period and eventually you will get one, hopefully sooner than later. There is also the possibility of finding a Shiny Haxorus in the game but it is super rare. The breeding process is much more likely. We hope this article was informative to you about Haxorus and how to get the Shiny Haxorus. Stay tuned with our website for more on Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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