Need for Speed: No Limits – New Teaser Trailer

If you are reading this, then you are probably hoping for good news regarding Need for Speed: No Limits. Just today, the official Need for Speed channel released a new teaser trailer for the game; proving further that the game is not dead. In the video description it said that it will be coming soon to the App Store & Google Play. Admittedly, the words ”coming soon” no longer carry merit but it is also understandable since the developers are trying to have a final product that’s flawless.

In addition, we previously wrote about the Blackridge Update which the game received before 4 weeks; adding a new track, new cars, and new events. Considering all these signs by Electronic Arts, Need for Speed: No Limits seems like its official release date is just around the corner. We can confirm that it will be released and it’s in the final stages of development.

You can also pre-register on Google Play to be notified when the app is released by clicking here. Need for Speed: No Limits has been in soft launch since January which is a really long time for a mobile game. But knowing that the next Need for Speed title is coming out for console this November, it gives us an idea why the mobile game has been postponed. Maybe Electronic Arts wanted not only to perfect the Need for Speed experience on mobile, but to release the two games within the same time frame for sales purposes. Regardless of the reasons, the gorgeous racing game is worth waiting for and we won’t be waiting much longer. You can watch the new teaser trailer for this game below.

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