The Room – Fireproof’s Original Mystery Puzzle Game Has Gone Free!

One of the best mystery puzzle games ever made has just gone free! In celebration of releasing The Room Three [$4.99], The Room is now available for free – starting today and until the New Year. This is amazing news considering the game used to be $0.99, so how can you say no to that? We were just contacted by Fireproof Games to announce the great news.

The Room series has been one of the most successful premium releases in the history of iOS. Back when mobile gaming had amateur graphics and simple game mechanics, The Room was one of the first titles to break the wall between mobile and console quality gaming. Winning the ”Best of 2012” award, The Room is best described as a 3D puzzle game that aims to enshroud the player with mystery and spine-tingling suspense. You find yourself trapped in a dark room with an enigmatic box. As you interact with the peculiar object you will uncover secret writings and symbols that will start to construct a story that is best represented as a product of madness and a novelty of genius.

Finally, we highly recommend that you get this game because we can assure you that many people from the Android community and elsewhere have been waiting for this game for over 3 years and it still hasn’t reached them. So if you have an iOS device, not only are you lucky to have this game on the App Store, but now it has gone free! Also stay tuned with The DN Show to listen to our interview with Fireproof Games that will be available very soon. You can watch game’s teaser trailer below.

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