Temple Run 2 – The Blazing Sands Update Has Hit The World

It never gets old, does it? Temple Run 2 [Free] has got the world running yet again, with their new Blazing Sands update. You will be playing in a whole new environment, similar to how the previous Frozen Shadows update impacted the game. Blazing Sands takes on the theme of Egyptian-inspired monuments, canny-designed canyons, and an ever raging river.

You can see a lot of graphics improvement but don’t spend your time pondering on the details because there is something in the game that’s waiting just to smack you in the face. Do you think that the living vines are your only problem? Think again! We definitely recommend that you check out this update. Temple Run 2 is a classic and classics should always be revisited, especially when they get updated. You can watch the official trailer for this update below.

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