NBA Live Mobile: A Next Generation Basketball Experience – Out Now

Let’s be honest, we don’t see much NBA mobile games these days and good ones are even rarer to come by. The only semi-decent title that comes to mind is the one developed by 2K which was released this year. However, today’s story is about EA’s NBA Live Mobile [Free], which you will find to be one of the best basketball games on the store. It does include in-app purchases but at least you get to experience it for free rather than pay $7.99 for a game like NBA 2K16 and then regret it – because many did.

While we are not professional basketball players, we can tell you that NBA Live Mobile offers a unique NBA experience in comparison to other competitors. It allows you act as a General Manager where you build your team of superstars and deliver an epic performance against your opponents in a 5-on-5 action. The game allows you to stay in touch with live NBA events which manifest as daily challenges via the app.

There is nothing that you cannot do in NBA Live Mobile, but it won’t be easy. Like other games, you need to learn the tricks of the game, practice, and face your opponents with the ideal team. Unlike real matches, each quarter in the game lasts for two minutes but it’s sufficient for a mobile title. The game has already been soft launched for a while and downloaded by millions; feedback was generally positive. If you are an NBA fan, then this is the best basketball game you will find on the App Store or Google Play.

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