Pokemon GO – Launched In Australia, New Zealand, & USA

Pokemon GO [Free] has been released in select countries like Australia, New Zealand, and USA. Before, it was released in those countries as a closed beta but now it has been officially released. Normally, mobile games are released in the first two countries first and then follow for a worldwide release. We are still unsure if the game will launch worldwide today but we will most definitely keep you updated. There is a possibility that this release is a soft launch and we have contacted Niantic for an official statement.

Since the game is a freemium title, it contains microtransactions ranging from $0.99 to $99.99. It is not a requirement to spend but it does make your gaming experience more convenient. There is also the Pokemon GO Plus, a $34.99 priced accessory which notifies you of nearby Pokemon by vibrating and a utility that can be used to catch them even. This accessory is not required either but it does save battery on your device instead of keeping the app active all the time.

Remember that certain Pokemon creatures are found in specific environments. For example, a Squirtle can be found in aquatic areas, nearby a lake or sea. Pokemon GO will include gyms and pokestops which are located in memorable locations in your surroundings and around the world.

As we mentioned previously, gyms will require that you commit to a team: Team Blue, Red, or Yellow. Once you battle and win a gym leader, you become the new gym leader with your Pokemon team holding the gym to fight the next player that comes by the gym. Players will be fighting an AI, battles won’t be in real-time. The team that defends the gym can be updated since you can replace your team or teach your Pokemon new moves; the game allows you to teach a Pokemon two moves at a time.

Keep in mind that Pokemon GO has not been released worldwide yet. It is unclear if the game is soft launched in these two countries and waiting for a worldwide release at a later date or if it is being slowly released to countries around the world. We will definitely keep you informed with the latest news surrounding this game. You can watch the trailer for Pokemon GO below.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – Launched In Australia, New Zealand, & USA

  1. Please realise in Canada!! Or select pronounces like Ontario, BC, Quebec !!! We need it. We’re going crazy. Please release it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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