Pokemon GO – How To Guarantee 1000CP + Evolutions

We get it, you want to be the very best like no one ever was. To catch them is… Sorry, got carried away with the song. But we know that you are trying to become the best Pokemon Trainer there is in Pokemon GO. How do you do that? Good question. First, you need to make sure that your Eevee is the strongest possible Eevee there is, to make sure that your Growlithe is the strongest of its kind. You have to make sure that every Pokemon you have is better than anyone elses.

In order to ensure that you got the strongest Pokemon, you will have to secure the right amount of CP points in order to obtain high Combat Power when you evolve your Pokemon. You don’t have to immediately evolve your Pokemon when you have the exact amount of Rare Candies but keep training your Pokemon and leveling him up before evolving him. There is one Reddit user named Kyurun who has put together a list that shows the minimum CP requirement for any Pokemon to have more than 1000CP once it evolves.

So basically once your Pokemon reaches this certain CP number, you can evolve him knowing his CP will increase above 1000CP. This list may not be 100% accurate but it has a very high rate of accuracy and can be trustworthy. The compilation of this list was based on the website http://pogotoolkit.com/. You can check the list below.

Pokemon CP
Abra 526
Bellsprout 443
Bulbasaur 546
Caterpie 272
Charmander 357
Charmeleon 585
Clefairy 493
Cubone 607
Diglett 374
Doduo 457
Dragonair 493
Dratini 274
Drowzee 481
Sparky(Eevee) 496
Pyro(Eevee) 405
Rainer(Eevee) 381
Ekans 453
Exeggcute 371
Gastly 367
Geodude 349
Gloom 676
Goldeen 468
Graveler 610
Grimer 498
Growlithe 433
Haunter 642
Horsea 457
Ivysaur 834
Jigglypuff 415
Kabuto 508
Kadabra 717
Kakuna 333
Koffing 513
Krabby 424
Machoke 676
Machop 418
Magikarp 100
Magnemite 463
Mankey 461
Meowth 506
Metapod 282
Nidoran (female) 336
Nidoran (male ) 372
Nidorina 547
Nidorino 610
Oddish 457
Omanyte 503
Paras 521
Pidgeotto 579
Pidgey 339
Pikachu 430
Poliwag 307
Poliwhirl 527
Ponyta 676
Psyduck 451
Rattata 393
Rhyhorn 527
Sandshrew 426
Seel 962
Shellder 382
Slowpoke 457
Spearow 388
Squirtle 442
Staryu 421
Tentacool 405
Venonat 538
Voltorb 498
Vulpix 365
Wartortle 715
Weedle 315
Weepinbell 681
Zubat 385

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