DC Legends – Coming This November

Here we go DC fans, another new game that will bring your favorite super heroes and super villains right to your mobile devices. DC Legends is a strategy RPG that introduces you to the interesting DC universe storylines. Your characters can be upgraded, so be sure that they meet the highest criteria when it comes to skills and abilities. The game will have a story-driven campaign and PvP. It is not clear, however, whether it will be in real-time but we sure hope for it.

The game will also include Wonder Woman since its her 75th anniversary! In fact, if you pre-register for the game, you will get a Wonder Woman character when the game launches. We are excited to play this game, especially due to its vivid environments and all the amazing super powers that you get to see from all those iconic characters that DC will bring to the game. This title will be released on November of this year. You can watch the official trailer for DC Legends below.

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