Pokemon Film – The Director of Goosebumps Joins The Team

Remember when we talked about Legendary Pictures & Nintendo’s partnership to introduce a new Pokemon movie based on the Great Detective Pikachu game? Well, we got news for you, Rob Letterman has joined the team to direct the movie. Rob was the Director of Goosebumps & Monsters vs Aliens. This movie will begin production in late 2017 so we will have to wait for it quite a bit.

For those of you who are not familiar with Great Detective Pikachu, it’s a new Pokemon spin-off adventure game that was released in February of this year. In the game you collaborate with a talking Pikachu to solve several mysteries by investigating people and Pokemon in the city. As for the movie itself, the information regarding it is being sealed behind a metal door. It is exciting though to know that a movie based on the Pokemon franchise will be coming in the near future.

Will the movie be worth it? That’s a good question and we believe it will be. Legendary Pictures has an amazing list of movies that they masterfully made so we can expect them to do a great job on this one. Some of the movies they have worked on are: 300, Batman Begins, 10,000 BC, The Hangover, Clash of the Titans, Inception, Man of Steel, Dracula Untold, Warcraft, Interstellar, and the list goes on. Can you really disagree with how well these movies turned out to be? You can watch the trailer for the Great Detective Pikachu game below.

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