The Witness – Out Now

No open world puzzle game can appeal better to adventurous gamers than the mysterious title, The Witness [$9.99]. After many years of hype by Developer Thekla Inc, since 2009, the game was launched on PC and Console just last year and a mobile version was highly anticipated. Today, we excitedly announce to you the release of this wonderful game to mobile.

So what all the fuss is about? Well, looking at mobile games in general, we can’t find an open world puzzle game where you get to explore an abandoned island through first-person view that has graphics as good as The Witness. If you liked the puzzle game Myst, you will fall in love with The Witness. While the latter is far more superior in its graphics and mechanics, the two titles combine exploration and mystery in their puzzle adventures and it was Myst that has inspired the developers regarding the concept of The Witness.

The Witness’ puzzles are very complex and require that you understand the environment you find yourself in and utilize the knowledge learned from the mysterious world. Completing puzzles may involve tracing paths through maze-like routes to initiate bridges and unravel mysteries behind closed doors. Travelling throughout the Island is performed through walking or sailing and as you uncover more you will learn more about the plot through audio logs found in different parts of the Island.

Jonathan Blow envisioned The Witness to be deficient in its instructions to make puzzle solving harder than the player expects. This entails that the player will have to build a logic that applies to each puzzle based on what information is collected and observed within the Island. It is expected that the game will be released containing 650 puzzles and each section of the Island has its own theme and requires a unique point of view to solve puzzles in each section.

Finally, the sceneries which you see in the trailer below are truly mind-blowing and will deliver an interesting experience on the mobile platform. You can check the new trailer for this game below.

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