Vainglory – A Guide on How to Change Your Region/Server


Vainglory [Free] has been viewed as the best MOBA game on mobile and many players enjoy this masterpiece. However, the game segments players to different regions based on their location in the world and many wonder if they can change their region to play with their friends that are on the other side of the world. ”How can I change my region/server in Vainglory?” Perhaps this question is one of the most common questions that we received regarding Vainglory. So we decided to write a short guide on how to play in a different region that you don’t live in. We will offer 3 different methods that have been confirmed to work.

First, you can change your server while retaining your account progression by emailing the developers at but make sure in the email to include the following information:

  • Your in-game username (Make sure you write it with the correct upper and lower case letters)
  • Your email that is associated with your account (The one you used to create your account with)
  • Your current region (You can find your current region by clicking on your username from the game’s home page)
  • The region you want to transfer to (Write to them where you want to transfer to)
  • Offer a good reason (Write to them that all of your friends are on the other region and you cannot play with them due to the regional segmentation issue)

After you have mentioned these details, you can send the email and expect to be transferred within 1 – 3 days.

Second, this method requires that you make a new account and requires that you delete the game before you try it. You can change your device location to the country that is located within the region you wish to switch to. For example, if you want to change to NA server then go to your device settings and change your region to the USA since its within the NA continent. Then create an Apple ID using the same country you changed on your device and download Vainglory. The game will detect your presence within the region that you have chosen on your device and Apple ID.

Third, the main reason for players wanting to change to another region is that their friends are on a different region. The easiest way is to ask your friend to create an account for you from his/her region and give you the username and password. This will allow you to play on the new region simply by logging in with this new account.

Finally, we recommend the first option since the developers are swift in their reply and this method will save your progress in the game. We hope that this article has shed some light on how to change your region/server in Vainglory and if you have any questions then please ask us and we will do our best to respond.

57 thoughts on “Vainglory – A Guide on How to Change Your Region/Server

  1. My region is Southeast Asia and I want to join the North America region.
    If Wow, PW and other MMORPG games, which are high in graphic detail, can offer the ability to change regions as you choose I do not see why VainGlory has not already made this an option.


  2. Hi, im in Australia, which region i suppose to be ? currently , my region is Southeast Asia, but so laggy. im thinking to transfer to NA serve, will be better then ?


    • Ideally, it would be best to contact the developers, they reply pretty quick for support issues. They will transfer your account to the best server for you. The contact details are provided in the article. We hope it gets resolved quickly for you.


    • Transferring can be easily done, all you have to do is email the developers and provide the information required (which you can read about in the article). It wont take very long for your issue to be solved.


    • Yes, Vainglory supports multiplatform and accounts on iOS and Android are interchangeable. As long as you log onto the game with the same email and password, you will have your profile as it was. Thank you.


  3. Please update this guide for reaching out to us at if you can!

    Absolutely include your account’s email and username (case sensitive spelling please!) and the region you want to be transferred to. We don’t need your current server or a reason. Also, please make sure that you are not currently in a team or a guild, as those will lock you onto your current server, preventing us from migrating you!

    Something important though is that if you are requesting a server that is too far from your current location, we will deny the migration as we can’t properly support it at this time. Also, if you’ve moved to your new region, make sure to log into a solo practice match to update your last played location in our system; if you don’t we’ll just reply asking that you do this before we can migrate you.

    Lastly, while we try to get migrations done as soon as possible, (typically 1-3 days), it can take up to two weeks to process the migration depending upon various conditions.

    I hope that helps make things easier for anything looking to migrate, and best wishes from everyone at the Lair!


  4. But the problem is i forget the email address the one on my gmail , but i can access my vainglory account, how can change the region now, without email address?


    • Hello and thank you for checking our article. That’s a great question. If you change your server, it’s unlikely that you will be in the guild that is set in a different region as you would not be able to play with them. The best thing to do is, you can create a new account on a different region, and keep your other account in your guild so you don’t lose your friends there. We wish you a great day and hope that this response helped.


      • can i ask a question again?.. if i already changed my region, if i want to go back to my old one are they going to restore my friends?


      • Sure you can ask 😀 Well, it is highly doubtful that they will allow you to go back to your old region because SEMC have one goal in mind when changing your region, and that is to improve your gameplay experience. So if they changed you once for this reason, they will not change you back to a worse gameplay experience. Of course, you may not even have a bad gameplay experience there but as a general principle that is what they work by. However, assuming they did change you back to your old profile, it doesn’t seem like you will have your old friends back, but if they wanted to return them, they probably can since they are the developers of the game. Our advice would be to have two accounts on two regions and try to add your old friends if you can get in touch with them. Thank you for your comment.


  5. Will they send me an email back? If so how long will it take? Also they said in a comment above that they want you to play a solo match to confirm that you are in that region, what if i will not be able to for awhile since i move in a fee months?


  6. Hello again!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have put your Migration request into the Migration Queue.

    Please note that we are only offering account’s migration to players who are in the incorrect server region. We will do a thorough verification to make sure your geographical region matches up with your requested server transfer. If there is no match, we may not fulfil your wish to migrate your account.

    We hope to complete the checks and an eventual migration within 2 weeks, and you can continue to play until such time. We will let you know if your migration is granted or not.

    When you are migrated you will need to log out of your account and then back in to ensure you are playing on the correct server.

    If you have any additional comments for your server migration request, please just respond to this message.

    Thanks for your patience and see you soon in the Halcyon Fold!


    This email reply from its mean that if I’m requesting my acount server from EUROPE to SOUTH EAST ASIA. They will grant only if I’m currently stay in ASIA and not EUROPE . What if I’m in EUROPE they will no grant my request?


    • Hello Killmeno, that is correct. They will transfer you to South East Asia only if you are located in that region. So if you are in Europe, they might not transfer you there according to their message. This is because when people play on regions that they dont live in, they experience lag. What was your reason for transfer to South East Asia? Because they don’t transfer people for reasons they believe are not viable. Thank you.


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  8. They declined my request saying when im in sea I can’t change to na cause it will be to Lagg. Can someone in na create account for me pls


  9. Hi
    I really wanna change my region, Because all of my friends are on the other region and i cannot play with them due to the regional segmentation issue.


  10. hola yo soy de argentina y nuevo en la comunidad queria saber en que servidor me es mas recomendable registrarme desde ya muchas gracias!


  11. Hmmm… Is that also the reason why i’m stuck at 300ms?

    I was living in phil but reasons came and i moved to Denmark

    All my progress would still be intact if i switched right?


  12. Sir please tranfer my account to my location,im here in the philippines,because i cannot locate my others friends to play game,thanks,


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