A Land Fit For Heroes – By The Author of Crysis 2 & Syndicate (Coming Soon)

Have you ever thought that Richard Morgan, the writer of Crysis 2 & Syndicate would one day bring his dark fantasy trilogy to the mobile platform? The genius of his work is titled A Land Fit For Heroes, a new interactive game-book experience which revolves around three protagonists: Kirellin, Calnar, & Ilaria. Throughout the adventure, the paths of these three heroes will cross and the fate of each will be decided by your hands.

Originally, A Land Fit For Heroes is a trilogy; where the first book, The Steel Remains, was first released in 2008. In 2011, the second book, The Cold Commands, followed. Finally, The Dark Defiles, sealed the trilogy with its release in 2014. And now we will get the opportunity to experience them on iOS & Android devices.

Having written the stories behind the visually stunning Crysis 2 & the highly entertaining Syndicate, we can expect A Land Fit For Heroes to be shocking, to say the least. Indeed, you will delve into the world of ancient spirits and machine-demons that manipulate mankind’s future.

What has caught our attention most is the fact that this game is a ”multiplayer interactive gamebook experience.” Meaning, there will be a co-operative gaming system where you play as one of the heroes and two other online players play the other characters. Together you will attempt to make the best decisions for your character in order to survive. Furthermore, trading items will be available and making unanimous decisions will be possible as well.

Interestingly, you are able to go as far as to decide the sexual orientation of your character. The game will be very similar to the book, to the point of reserving the adult themes in the mobile game.

Finally, you are able to register by clicking here. You will notice a countdown on the home page, while it is not clear what this countdown will unveil, we certainly hope that it’s timing the game’s release date; although we have no official release date yet. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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