Dead Effect 2 – Space Zombies Are Coming For You! (Out Now)

Over a year in development and finally we get an official release date for the very much awaited Dead Effect 2. Last we wrote about it was in June and now we are here to deliver the good news. The game was approved by Apple & Google and is now available for iOS & Android. The first instalment was released in 2013, competing with the graphics of Dead Trigger. The game was unique as it places you on a massive spaceship where you are forced to survive a zombie outbreak all on your own.

With Dead Effect 2, you will continue where the first instalment stopped. It will take place in the ESS Meridian, the spaceship where all hell will break loose, to describe it mildly. And what will await you there is far more frightening than what was seen in the first title. You will take charge of your character in the deep, dark space where everything has been taken to the next level.

If you thought the previous instalment was graphically breathtaking, then what you are about to see in the upcoming game is far more superior. Now with a more in-depth story and multiple characters to choose from, you will face against a large variety of monsters and engage in unique boss fights. The 3 characters are Kay Rayner, Gunnar Davis, and Jane Frey; each comes with unique class abilities.

What interested us most is the new customization system where you get to utilize implants to enhance your character’s body. Also, there will be over 40 unique weapons that are upgradable and a large amount of items specialized to enhance your gear.

Just to mention some of the weaponry at your disposal, there will be pistols, revolvers, swords, axes, assault rifles, cross bows, heavy weapons, machine guns, experimental weapons, disc-throwers, and explosive weapons. These are not the only weapons that you will fight with, more are promised to come in future updates.

Finally, we can tell you that there will be intense action and gorgeous graphics coming along with this wonderful title. Dead Effect 2 will be a Free-to-play game and will require an internet connection also. It will need at least 1.75 GB of free space on your device as it is massive. It is also optimized for Tegra devices & the new Nvidia Shield 4K Console, and looks fabulous on them. Before you go to the App Store to download it, you can check the official and cinematic trailers below.

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