Pokemon GO – Is This A Leaked Footage Of The Game?

There was supposed to be a Pokemon GO presentation by Niantic’s CEO at the GDC, yet we were all disappointed when we learned it was cancelled. However, just recently, it seems like someone has managed to get his hands on a leaked footage of Pokemon GO! The footage seems to have surfaced right around the time when Niantic CEO, John Hanke, was supposed to talk at SXSW. This was on March 19th, to be specific.

The YouTuber that uploaded the video is called Eric F and is not associated with Pokemon or Pokemon GO, but the video does seem to be somewhat legitimate. Apparently, the video was revealed during the SXSW session and shows a pre-recorded gameplay by John Hanke trying to capture an Ivysaur with a Master Ball. Keep in mind that the game is not officially released and is still being developed. Tell us your thoughts on whether you believe this to be a real footage by voting in the poll at the bottom of the page.

Pokemon GO will be the first augmented reality Pokemon game and that’s the reason everyone is going crazy about it. You will literally explore the world in search of Pokemon creatures and some Pokemon are exclusive to limited locations. For example, water Pokemon are expected to be near aquatic areas around the world. This is the adventure we all wanted to be real since childhood and now it is. You can watch the alleged Pokemon GO gameplay below.

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