Clash Royale – The Upcoming Update Will Be A Nerf Bomb!

Supercell is promising monthly updates for Clash Royale in order to keep the game balanced. They have announced that there will be an upcoming balance-focused update that will seek to nerf powerful troops and empower underused ones. We expect this update to be released on March 23rd, although this date might change. If you play Clash Royale religiously, then this is an important article for you in order to be prepared for the changes, especially if you depend on the Prince to take down your opponent’s tower.

The X-Bow’s range will be decreased from 13 to 12 and this will mean it will not be able to target an opponent’s tower from across the river or from behind a Tesla. This is a complete change of strategy for the player’s that solely depend on this move to win. Perhaps you will start using it for a more defensive role after the update. The Tesla is a power defensive building but the upcoming update will nerf it by decreasing hit speed from 0.8 seconds to 0.7 seconds, as well as decreasing its lifetme from 60 seconds to 40 seconds. This means you can no longer depend on it to defend you for such a long time and this will force you to improvise during battle.

Coming to the Cannon, it will have its lifetime decreased from 40 seconds to 30 seconds. The reason its being nerfed is because you get too much fire power for such a low amount of Elixir (3). In addition, the Princess will experience 10% decrease in its hitpoints. She is a very powerful troop that is definitely overused by the players that have unlocked it. Unfortunately, not many have managed to play with the Ice Wizard. He is definitely a powerful card, but his damage will be increased by 5% to make him worthy enough for his value.

Here comes the shock! The Prince, an abused & overused card, will be nerfed as well. Powerful for his charging speed that has resulted in many victories, Supercell has decided to decrease his charging speed by 13%. According to Supercell, the Prince is the most used card in the game yet they don’t believe he is overpowered. Still they will nerf him in order to give the player’s a chance to counter against him. The Dark Prince will also go through the same changes as well and will experience 13% decrease in his charging speed.

Surprisingly, the Valkyrie will receive 10% increase for its damage and hitpoints because its a very underused card and these changes will attract players to use her. As for the Giant, his damage will be increased by 5% although we tend to think that he was a balanced card overall. However, The Royal Giant will receive 20% damage increase because he is very underused as well. He was previously nicknamed a ”Wrecking Ball,” but it seems he couldn’t overpower Miley Cyrus in that role.

Moreover, the Three Musketeers will experience cost decrease, from 10 down to 9. The Archers are going to experience a quicker initial attack, similar to the Spear Goblins, in order to make them as attractive to the players as Spear Goblins are. Additionally, the Balloon will have 5% hitpoints increase in order to increase its use rate, although we believe its an already powerful card. As for the Witch, it will undergo 5% increase in damage because Supercell believes its underpowered.

Supercell will render the Mirror card so that Legendary Cards mirrored are 1 level lower. This will introduce more balance to the effect of the card. Also, Rage is going to be empowered and will give 40% movement and attack speed boost, instead of 35%, while decreasing duration by 20%. This should be an interesting change because Rage is extremely powerful and to see it empowered even more will require you to stall against the opponent’s troops until the duration of the card ends. Finally, Poison will experience an increase in damage by 5% and will become a more standard card to use rather than ignored. You can watch a video by nickatnyte about this upcoming update below.

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