Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem – Nintendo Reveals More

Nintendo dropped a massive news bomb last week when it revealed the next two Nintendo games to come to mobile. They were none other than the entertaining Animal Crossing and the famous Fire Emblem. To learn more about them, click here to be redirected to our last article. We talked about the nature of the games but a lot of details were still vague in regards to the price model, game mechanics, and other details.

According to Tatsumi Kimishima, the current President of Nintendo, mobile games released by Nintendo will not be similar to the original games that they are based on. So we will not be expecting a full ported version of any future Nintendo game, including Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. In Nintendo’s latest Financial Results Briefing, Tatsumi Kimishima confirms this by saying that, ”…it would be a mistake to simply release our game titles in their current form on smart devices.”

So while the upcoming mobile games will be very similar to the original titles, they will not be an exact replica. When looking at Animal Crossing, it seems that will adopt a new style of gameplay that will offer a more fun experience. On the other hand, Fire Emblem is said to feature ”a more accessible style of gameplay” due to it being the first of its franchise to represent Nintendo on the mobile platform. This RPG title will be an interesting experience for all the old and new players of this franchise.

Of course, we understand that Nintendo is being vague when describing the games but we can be sure that the upcoming mobile games will not be ports of their originals. As for the pricing, we expect them to be free-to-play games due to the fact that Miitomo was released as a freemium game. We will confirm more details as we learn more. Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are expected to be released this upcoming Fall.

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