Jade Empire: Special Edition – Out Now

Aspyr Media has just released Jade Empire: Special Edition [$9.99], an action RPG that was developed by BioWare and released for the Xbox back in 2005. This martial arts fantasy has been praised over the years for its gameplay mechanics, cultural influence, beautiful environments, and character driven story. We can’t expect any less from the makers of Dragon Age and Mass Effect now, can we?

You will be able to build your reputation in the game based on the decisions you make. As a master of martial arts, followers will come to your side and bring a more genuine experience in a virtual world. The game brings about a gorgeous world inspired by ancient Chinese myths and legends. What makes the game more interesting is the fact that non-player characters introduce rivalries, flirtations, comic relief, and even hostility to the world of Jade Empire. It almost mirrors the humane drama of everyday life.

Standing up to evil magicians and demonic incarnations will be a challenge that you will have to overcome. However, this will be a necessity in order to uncover the dark secrets of the Jade Empire. We had a great experience with this mobile port due to the seamless incorporation of the control system. The game also features full MFi controller support if that interests you. Finally, with this special edition version you get spoiled with extra content, including more characters and fighting styles to explore and enjoy. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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