The Top 15 Mobile Games of 2016

The year 2016 has come to an end and we have compiled a list of the top 15 games that we believe are the best of this year. This year can be best depicted by the artwork of Dawn of Titans, a game that successfully managed to bring the console quality potential on the mobile screen. As for this year’s games, it was difficult for us to limit our choices to 15 selections because there are many beautiful games out there that are worthy of playing. However, we want to share with you 15 titles that were released in 2016 and have impacted the mobile gaming industry as well as the players. We understand that you may not agree with our #1 choice and due to that, we have added a poll for you to vote for the game that you believe is worthy of being on top. Shall we begin?


Who would have thought that Assassins’s Creed Identity would finally be released in 2016? The action stealth game has brought awareness and potential along with its release as it attempted to deliver an open world experience in the Assassin’s Creed universe. While it may not be similar to the console version, it is the best we can have from such a popular franchise. Visually, it is extremely beautiful as you explore iconic cities in Renaissance Italy like Rome and Florence. If you are a fan of the franchise or a curious mobile gamer, then this title is definitely worth playing.


When it comes to water racing games, Riptide GP will win every time! We are very proud to give a position on our list to the third instalment in the series, Riptide GP: Renegade, because it brings the experience on a whole new level. Do you enjoy cop chases, beautiful environments, and multiplayer? Then enjoy a game that has set the record when it comes to minute details in a mobile game.


Asphalt is a renowned racing series that has been popular for several years. Gameloft released Asphalt Xtreme this year to an audience that has been anticipating it. This time, there are no roads and no rules! With vehicles from top brands and mind-twisting environments that forces you to think fast, we definitely think this is a worthy game to play for the competitive amongst you. You get to engage in online racing challenges in places such as the Nile Valley of Egypt to the Jungles of Phukey in Thailand. With all that we have mentioned, it was important that we put this game on our list.


You don’t need to be a historian to know that the Soviet Union has collapsed. However, in 1985 the Soviets shut down a super secret experimental project called KOMRAD. With the chaos going on at the time, they forgot to turn off the computer. The scary thing is that KOMRAD is not an ordinary computer but an artificial intelligence that thinks that the Cold War is still going on. Can you imagine what its intentions are? KOMRAD was developed by Sentient Play and written by Brad Becker, former Chief Design Officer of IBM’s Watson. Watson is an artificial intelligence designed by the prestigious technology company IBM. The story is very intriguing since the writer is actually someone that knows a thing or two about artificial intelligence and what it can be capable of. Are these not enough reasons to land this game on our list?


From the makers of BioShock, comes a beautiful game called Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City. Submerged was actually released for PC and Console just a year ago with good reception. However, it stands as a titan among mobile games due to its engaging story and gorgeous graphics. The third-person combat-free game opens for you a door of exploration that gives you a genuine experience of adventure and purpose. The plot heavily revolves around Miku, a young girl who brings her wounded brother to a mysterious flooded city. If you are in search of game with a vast open world experience that you would play simply for the sake of pondering at the beautiful environments and exploring the mysteries behind them, then this game is your ideal candidate.


Eisenhorn: Xenos is a console-quality action game that is based on the best-selling Eisenhorn trilogy’s first book, Xenos, written by prominent author Dan Abnett. The game sets you in the role of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn (voiced by Mark Strong), a member of the ‘Ordo Xenos,’ who’s sole mission is to protect the Imperium of Man, a galactic human empire. The graphics on this game are literally breathtaking because the gameplay is combined with fully-voiced cinematic effects. Developed with a modified Unreal Engine 3, the developers ensured that the game incorporates cloth physics, post processing special effects, lip syncing, and smooth model outlines. This is probably one of the best games in the Warhammer franchise to have been released on mobile.


If you are fan of Formula One Racing, then you are born to play F1 2016, the official Formula One Game that was developed by The Codemasters. It was originally announced during the Apple Keynote and excited a lot of mobile gamers on what it had to deliver. F1 2016 allows you to race in 21 classic circuits and play with iconic drivers from the Formula One championships, mainly this year’s. What’s unique about this game is that it offers a deep career mode that spans up to 10 seasons. The experience is so detailed that you get to work with your agent and engineer throughout the game. If you are a serious mobile gamer, then you cannot let this one pass away without testing.


Many Final Fantasy games were released this year but the one that stands out the most to us is Mobius Final Fantasy. With an enticing story by Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy X), you will see the game’s world with new yet familiar eyes. What makes this game unique is that it’s the first 3D title based on the franchise that’s designed specifically for mobile phones. Being an episodic title, the game will be receiving future chapters, each introducing new in-game events and exciting content. In this game, the protagonist (Wol) awakes in the foreign world of Paramitia with no memories. Being one of many Blanks, he was brought to Paramitia to free it from the darkness consuming it. He will be facing the armies of Chaos with the aid of Princess Sarah. It shares a lot of elements with previous Final Fantasy titles in regards to symbolism, leveling, and exploration. Conclusively,  we highly recommend this game if you are a fan of this franchise.


One of the best strategy games of all time has made our list, that’s right, we are talking about Rome: Total War. The 2004 classic turn-based title revolves around the time of the Roman Republic from 270 BC to AD 14. The success of this game has paved the path for numerous sequels across the years. You simply cannot be a strategist without being acquainted with Rome: Total War. Get it now and experience the full glory of the Roman Empire!


Batman: The Telltale Series is a 5 episodic interactive game that is based on Batman’s struggle with his inner self. The game has a high-profile cast that literally bring the game to life. Troy Baker takes the role of Bruce Wayne in the game; he is well known for voice acting as Siris in Infinity Blade, James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, and Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins. On the other hand, Travis Willingham takes the role of Harvey Dent; he is well known for voice acting as Superman in Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Green Goblin in Marvel Heroes. This game will be your attempt into understanding the consequences of Bruce’s actions on Batman & Batman’s actions on Bruce. This will leave you, the player, in a dilemma where tough decisions will have a true impact on you.


Although soft launched last year, Critical Ops was released globally this year as a leading first person shooter to a market that seriously needed it. With no rival games to challenge it, it has become the centre of eSports tournaments for an international audience. Being praised by many as the Counter-Strike of mobile, the game delivers four maps, two game modes, and a cross platform experience. One if its appealing features is its well-designed game store, from which you can only purchase customizations for your weaponry that do not affect your skills whatsoever, making it a beloved game among competitive players. Do you consider yourself a competitive player? Then search no further.


Probably one of the most downloaded game within the shortest period of time, Pokemon GO introduced an unusual craze into the world that brought tens of millions to the mobile gaming world. There is no way that you have not heard of this game unless you have been living in an underground cave on a far away planet. The augmented reality game allows you to explore the world in search of Pokemon to catch. Recent updates have added new Pokemon from the 2nd Generation and more exciting updates will be introduced in the future that will touch on the multiplayer side. Therefore, if you have not played this game yet, then we urge you to start right away so you can keep up with the rest of the world.


Nothing screams ”classic” louder than Super Mario Run, the latest released title from Nintendo. Other than it being an ideal experience for mobile devices, it also introduces Mario to mobile gaming like never before. Super Mario Run will allow you to play with only one hand. As Mario runs automatically, your job will be to jump and avoid enemies and obstacles. It is almost as close of an experience to the original. To put it mildly, this game is a must have for any gamer that has been playing games since the 90’s.


Rockstar did not forget its annual tradition of releasing classic games around the time of Christmas and this time it surprised us with their title, Bully: Anniversary Edition. Bully was first released in 2006 during which it gained massive popularity among gamers. You play as Jimmy Hopkins, a 15 year old mischievous teenager who will explore the social hierarchy of school and challenge bullies that cross his path. You decide how everything ends up for Jimmy. Whether he takes the girl or becomes the school’s favorite student is totally your choice. From its graphics to its controls, everything has been revamped and enhanced for the mobile experience. This game comes with its complete story, bringing its adventurous and humorous elements that we knew in the original one. However, it also adds extra missions, characters, and much more features this time. In fact, we highly doubt anyone would challenge us on placing this game as the 2nd best mobile game for 2016.


Choosing a mobile game for the #1 position will always be difficult. We have played hundreds of amazing games this year and our choice today does not mean that all of the other games are not as good. However, based on the criteria we have set for 2016, we find Clash Royale to be the best mobile game to be released this year. When we look at what makes a mobile game ideal, this game checks all of the requirements. It was designed to perfectly function on a mobile device while delivering a real-time MOBA experience that does not require much of your time. The average game takes 3 minutes of your time, which allows you to play between short breaks. Not only that but it now has been built with an eSports system that actually allows mobile gamers to be competitive eSports players. Furthermore, it gets regularly updated with new characters and balances to keep it as fair and fresh as possible. To put things into perspective, Clash Royale provides for you an experience that can be shared with friends and against strangers. It is simply impossible to get bored of something so entertaining as this game.

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