FNaF World – An Updated Version Goes Free On PC

As far as we are concerned, FNaF World is supposed to come to mobile devices this February. Interestingly, we have seen some strange movement on PC, but still haven’t seen any sign on mobile. After its unsuccessful release on PC, Scott Cawthon was forced to remove the game due to complaints that it’s ”unfinished.” Of course, he compensated all those who paid for the game by refunding them. Now we find out that there is an updated version of the game that’s available for free on Game Jolt. In fact, if you are on PC you can get it for free right now by clicking here.

The PC updated version of FNaF World features the entire cast of 40 characters from the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. While categorized as a fantasy RPG, it allows you to control your favorite characters in a fascinating adventure. There are alternative endings to your adventure and this is what really makes the game appealing to players who doubt its content.

Although many are questioning if this title will live up to the horror franchise that Five Nights at Freddy’s presented; the bigger question is when will it be available for us to download on mobile? Stay tuned with our website for the latest information on this game. You can check the game’s trailer below.

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