The Walking Dead: Season 3 – To Be Revealed June 12th

By now, we all know that Season 3 of The Walking Dead will be premiering this fall. However, with E3 coming soon, one would expect that a game of this magnitude would be included there, right? Fortunately, it has been confirmed that at 3 PM ET on Sunday, June 12th; we will have an initial look at Season 3 and information will be revealed about its content. Perhaps even a teaser trailer? Or are we asking for too much?

Telltale Games has been working with Robert Kirkman & Skybound in order to take Season 3 ”into an unexpected direction” which will build upon the saga presented in 2012 with Lee & Clementine, as well as serve as a new bold entry for the story. You can click here to watch the stream of the event in order to be redirected. We are extremely excited to see what will be revealed, how about you?

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