Pokemon GO – Exploring The Validity Of Its Conspiracy Theories

In the world of conspiracy theories nothing is off limits and even a game as innocent as Pokemon GO can be suspicious to conspiracy theorists. Therefore, we decided to explore some of the more interesting and somewhat feasible conspiracies that we have thought about. Do keep in mind that we do not believe in these conspiracies but are writing about them for the purpose of entertainment only.

1 – Pokemon GO Is Used As A Human Mind Control Technique

On the outside, you may laugh it off. How can an awesome game like Pokemon GO control the human mind, right? WRONG! Players are going crazy over this game that they are willing to go far and wide in search of the rarest of Pokemon creatures. Here is something to think about. If Niantic announced that a Mewtwo was over at Starbucks, would you not go over there to search for him? We all know you would. Heck, we would even go! The truth is, if the people behind Pokemon GO want you to go somewhere, they can lure you there easier than you think. How is this not mind control?

2 – Pokemon GO Is A Zombification Process Of The Human Race

Are we being too silly here or is there some merit for this argument? Let us further push this argument with a question: How many of you walk while looking at your device screen? Pokemon GO is addictive and builds an obsession within you to keep checking whether that nearby Pokemon is getting closer or farther to you. This process conditions you to walk in the environment unaware of anything happening around you. In time, the theory of evolution will kick in and due to the decrease of cerebral cortex use, you will become more of a zombie and less a human. This process may take a great amount of time to succeed but who said that Pokemon won’t last for a long time? We know it will.

3 – Pokemon GO Is A Population Control Mechanism

You might think we went too far with this claim, huh? However, let us reason together for a bit. If the people behind the curtain (whomever they may be) want to decrease the human population (7.4 Billion) by 6% (down to approximately 7 Billion), are they not able to? By creating a massive event to unite Pokemon GO players and advertising that Mew will be at each event, there is no doubt that countless amount of players will show up. Once the players are at the event, the people behind the curtain will spread a fatal disease in the area and it will spread like wild fire. Planet Earth is becoming unsustainable and soon world resources will not be enough for everyone. In the last 20 years, wars have been started over resources so do you think it is out of the question to start a population control program?  Maybe a bit too far-fetched but you can see some logic behind it.

4 – Pokemon GO Is A Spy Tool Utilized By Government

You probably heard this one before but we want to take it further. What you may have heard is that the US Government is using Pokemon GO as a surveillance tool to spy on civilians. Well, this one cannot be ruled out since the US used the strangest of strategies to get what it wanted. When the game was released it was discovered that Niantic was able to access our Gmail accounts and use it freely but they apologized and changed that after media outlets started writing about it. What is interesting is that every time an app asks you if they can access your location, you have the choice to reject. On the other hand, when you play Pokemon GO you have to turn on your location and tracking you becomes a possibility. Corporations like Google collaborate with the government, that’s not a debate so you can see how this theory can be viable. Sounds too crazy? You think about it and judge for yourself.

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