Lifeline: Flatline – Launching Late October

The Lifeline franchise has been a leader in the text-based genre and opened the door to a whole new gaming experience. 3 Minute Games are now announcing Lifeline: Flatline, the next episode in the Green Series. This is the developer’s first attempt at incorporating interactive horror into this franchise. The story is expected to be intriguing since the main author is the award-winning Daryl Gregory (Pandemonium).

As a player, you will venture into a mysterious scientific facility where the main character Wynn has just awoken. Lacking memory, she finds herself strapped to a hospital bed and only knows that she must escape. Your job will be to help Wynn survive as difficult and horrifying decisions will come along.

The chilling part of it is that you will get real-time feedback of her heart rate and pulse, revealing the impact of the stress and psychological trauma she undergoes. 3 Minute Games promise that the Flatline Chapter will introduce a darker side to the series. The game is set for release in late October, possibly around Halloween. You can watch the teaser trailer for this game below.

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