Clash Royale – The Executioner Has Arrived!

Every time a new card is released to Clash Royale, we become extremely excited. This time, however, an extremely interesting card has become available and it’s called the Executioner! ”He throws his axe like a boomerang, striking all enemies on the way out AND back.” You can unlock him in Arena 9 (Jungle Arena) and is deployed at a cost of 5 Elixir.

He is a ranged troop with 760 HP & 44×2 Damage Per Second at Level 1. He can cause 106×2 Area Damage at a Hit Speed of 2.4 seconds. He is powerful when put against Minion Horde, Skeletons, Archers or Spear Goblins. He can kill all of these together in one hit. Even if he dies & his axe is still flying, his axe will still inflict an immense amount of damage.  He would also be an ideal defense troop against the Graveyard Spell. You can watch the video below to see this new troop in action!

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