Clash Royale – New Update Introduces Clan Battles, New Leagues, & More

A new update was just released by Supercell for Clash Royale [Free] and you are going to love it! Let us start with the best part of it, Clan Battles! Now, there is a new mode introduced where you and your clanmate can challenge two other players from another clan. The first Clan Battle event will be coming on March 24th. In addition, there are 9 new Leagues and you can enter the first League at 4000 Trophies.

Clash Royale: Bandit – Image Sourced From

New cards will be coming of course, the Night Witch, Bats, and Heal. There is also a new Legendary Card called Bandit which will be available on March 24th as well. Seems like this date will be interesting. There is also a new Arena that is unlocked at 3800 Trophies while the Legendary Arena has been renamed to Hog Mountain.

Supercell has added the new Draft Chest which offers multiple card choices from which you can pick your rewards. This Chest is available as an end of season reward in Leagues. There were several changes and balances to the game too. For example, Challenge Crowns now contribute towards Clan Chests and Crown Chests. You can watch a 2vs2 Clan Battle in the video below.

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