Rules of Survival – Zombie Mode Will Be Arriving This Week

Who expected a zombie mode to arrive to Rules of Survival [Free] this early? There is no doubt that the developers at NetEase Games are investing so much resources and time into this game and that’s very understandable. With this new competitive genre on the rise, the company is trying to lead with its flagship Battle Royale, Rules of Survival. The zombie update is expected to hit the stores on December 28th of this year and we are very excited for it.

Zombie mode can be selected during the matchmaking menu. You will see a horde of zombies spawn every round and these zombies are very dangerous since they can jump over roofs and walls. In addition to this update there will be a new discount page for the marketplace alongside changes to gameplay, audio, visual effects, and user interface. Are you ready to survive the zombie apocalypse? We are!

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