Final Fantasy VII – Review

A world renowned RPG franchise, Final Fantasy is a title recognized by almost every gamer beneath the sun. Its first instalment was initially published in 1987. And yet to this day, this franchise is still loved by many millions around the world. Even though most of the franchise’s instalments are stand-alone stories, they feature identical elements such as plot themes and game mechanics. Final Fantasy throughout its first six instalments was released in 2D graphics and made its breakthrough into 3D with the introduction of the 1997 title, Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII [$15.99] was just released to the App Store and many hardcore fans and cautious critics are wondering whether it lives up to the classic experience that we all long for.

The world of Final Fantasy VII is set in a post industrial era. Its story is mostly set in the capital city of Midgar, a grand metropolis that houses the headquarters of the Shinra Electric Power Company, which reigns as a de facto global government. The company’s iron grip over the Mako energy production is relentless and the energy reactors are destroying the planet. You play as Cloud Strife, a former Shinra elite soldier who has now joined Avalanche, the revolutionary group that are standing up against Shinra’s corporate greed. Thus, the fight for the planet’s future begins.

The graphics seem to be similar to the PC version and much better than the PS version. However, this game is not about graphics but about a thrilling story and fascinating adventure that is unrivalled in the RPG genre. You are able to save your game through iCloud or auto-save, and this sounds completely brilliant.

It is interesting to see that Square Enix did not really transform the game to be touch screen friendly. There are simply too much controls on the screen. You can move your character through a 4-way digital control or a virtual analogue control scheme, and you can swiftly interchange between both control schemes. We will add that you can customize your on-screen controls from settings by increasing or decreasing the control’s opacity.

Naturally, the iPad’s big screen is a much better alternative to play on in comparison to the small screen of the iPhone. It is clear that the PS control buttons have influenced the control scheme as well and this can be a good or a bad thing. The hardcore fans would prefer nothing to change about the game because it would change the whole experience of the original and you know how hardcore fans can be. On the other hand, the new players would prefer a touch screen friendly control scheme, because hey, we are in the year 2015 after all. Nevertheless, having two control schemes to choose from is generous enough and can be a fine settlement for old gen fans and new players.

In many RPG’s you encounter random enemies. Such is the case in Pokemon and so is the case in Final Fantasy VII. For many, the constant enemy encounters can be annoying and players sometimes just want to get to their destination. So what Square Enix did, they added a control button that appears on the bottom of the screen where you can toggle ”Encounters ON” or ”Encounters OFF”. This definitely adds to the convenience of impatient players.

The game settings allow you to max the stats of your characters and that makes sense when you decide to turn off encounters. But it does beg the question, why play it if you cannot level up through hard work? So we suggest that you do not cheat your way through the game and max your stats, but level up normally by engaging in encounters and battling. There will always be this feeling in some players where they would think, ”Everything would be better if I only max my character stats just a little.” Truth be told, it can be tempting but do not get tempted!

Conclusively, having one of the most iconic RPG titles of all time on iOS is beyond our wildest dreams. For its breathtaking adventure, emotionally enticing story, consistency with its classic experience, and dramatic take on the industrial – environmental dilemma; Final Fantasy VII smoothly becomes the classic leader of role playing games on mobile devices. At its core, Final Fantasy VII is the embodiment of the RPG Particle, the core element that gives any RPG title the required composition to live up to the genre. While some may have an issue with the disorganized control scheme, it does not necessarily affect the fabric of the game as it brings the classic feel to the adventure. If you want to experience one of the best story ever written for a game, then this is your title. Final Fantasy VII was the fantasy of many mobile gamers in the past, but the game that redefined the RPG genre has now become a reality. You can check the remade cinematic trailer for this game below.

We rate it 9.8/10

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