Exiles of Embermark: A Unique PvP-Centered RPG – Coming Soon

To see talented developers on the mobile platform makes us proud and it’s our job to let you know about unique titles such as the one today. Exiles of Embermark seems to be the type of game that is likely to start a sub-genre of its own. This title is being developed by Industrial Toys; the same developers that made Midnight Star. Due to the great feedback they have been getting on Exiles of Embermark, they created a new studio called Gunslinger Studios devoted for it.

You play the hero’s role and embark on a quest in a land where different Houses try to fight for influence. With PvP and PvE combat available, you will experience a combat style very similar to that of Pokemon in terms of mechanics but fashioned in an MMO style. Looting and crafting items will be possible to strengthen your characters abilities. In addition, you will be able to establish a camp and recruit your own followers.

A great feature is that you can choose a House to fight for and stand against other enemy Houses. With its epic design, interesting combat system, immense character development, and player-driven storyline; Exiles of Embermark should be quite an intriguing RPG-like experience. The game is expected to be released this year, so stay tuned with our website to know more about it.

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