Pokemon GO – What Do You Know About Your Team?

Since the game has been released, Pokemon GO teams have been going at each other with gym takeovers, memes, and criticism. If you play the game then you will be able to choose a team once you have reached Level 5. Recently, players from Team Instinct, Team Mystic, & Team Valor have been claiming that their team is the best but what do we know about each team? We need to understand the meaning of each team first so that we can come to a conclusion.

Team Instinct is the yellow team that is represented by the mighty Zapdos and is led by Spark. According to some reports, it is the least chosen team but there are no official statistics to prove that. The team represents the wild instinct that a player has when making a decision. These players are more likely to be risk-takers and adventurers. So far, we noticed that Team Instinct players are doing their best to rise as a competitive team.

Team Mystic is the blue team that is represented by the mysterious Articuno and is led by Blanche. Reports suggest that this team is the number 1 choice for the majority of Pokemon GO players. The team represents science & knowledge and the players in this team are doing the impossible to keep Team Valor away from their gyms. There is no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Team Valor is the red team that is represented by the fiery Moltres and is led by Candela. Reports place this team as the second most popular choice by Pokemon GO players. This team represents strength & courage and many of its players have been giving Team Mystic a hard time. Team Instinct & Team Mystic regard Team Valor players as trouble makers; apparently Team Valor is feared across the globe because their approach seems to be too intimidating.

Which team do you belong to? Do you have a rival team that you are trying to beat? These are important questions that will define the persona of your team and what you stand for in this new competitive world. You can vote below for the team that you belong to so that we can see in real-time which team has the largest amount of supporters. Be sure to share this page with other Pokemon GO players so we can have as much information about your team as possible.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – What Do You Know About Your Team?

  1. This is only the start, when Pokemon Go is officially live across the world, Team Instinct is going to rise on Top!

    And we are not intimidated by Team Valor, just every other player in that team seems like an asshole.


  2. Right, because the least popular team will some how find there way ahead the second Pokemon is realeases to the world. Team Valor will be the number one team, once we get to the top we’re staying there. 📛


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