Space Marshals 2: Pixelbite’s Anticipated Sequel – Coming August 25th

Last we heard from Pixelbite, they announced that Space Marshals 2 will be released in June. Unfortunately, they postponed it for a later date. Now, however, they have announced its release for August 25th. This is great news, as long as they don’t delay it again. This stealth action title is the much anticipated sequel to the original game that gained so much positive reviews.

Unlike its predecessor, Space Marshals 2 will have better graphics rendered with Metal, new animations, various locations, diverse enemy factions, and ragdoll physics. It will be a harder game to play since the new enemies will have unique features that will be hard to deal with. Stealth will still be a part of the game, and even amplified. For example, you will be able to kill enemies silently among other interesting actions. 20 missions will be available at launch and more to follow in future updates.

Finally, we can expect the game to include 70 weapons and gear to equip. Pixelbite is supporting MFi controls and iCloud saving for this new sequel which enhances the gaming experience. While there is no information on its price, we are expecting a business model that combines premium & freemium. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Space Marshals 2.

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