Vainglory: Idris Update (2.0) – New Hero, New Skins, & More

The time has come where we announce and explore another new update for Vainglory [Free]. Update 2.0 introduces a new hero, new skins, a repainted map, new items, and more. The new hero, Idris, depends on his spear and chakrams to wound his enemies in battle. His power and speed are extremely unique. If you build weapon items, you increase his close range effectiveness and if you build crystal items, it allows him to be more effective from long range.

Repainted Winter Map – Image Sourced From

Let’s take a look at Idris’ perks based on their precise description:

  • Divergent Paths – Idris unlocks unique powers for either his melee or ranged paths upon attaining a certain amount of weapon or crystal power. If you build weapon items, his Shroudstep move becomes an instantaneous blink while his melee attacks will restore stamina. If crystal items are built, then Idris gains ranged basic attacks while dealing crystal and weapon damage.
  • Shroudstep – Idris dashes in the target direction, dealing amplified damage to the next target he attacks within seconds. If Idris has not taken damage within the last few seconds, Shroudstep grants a barrier. The availability of the barrier is displayed beneath his stamina meter.
  • Chakram – Idris throws a chakram that returns to him, damaging enemies each time it passes over them. Hitting enemy heroes, miners, or kraken recovers stamina. Idris can use his Shroudstep and Shimmer Strike abilities to avoid catching returning chakrams, giving him additional opportunities to strike enemies.
  • Shimmer Strike – Idris latches onto the target hero, becoming invulnerable, then leaps off in the chosen direction, damaging surrounding enemies. The distance Idris leaps is increased in his crystal path.

New Mystery Chest – Image Sourced From

Now there is a new mystery chest added into the game which opens the opportunity to quite anything. The Mystery Chest includes every hero and skin in the market which you can obtain with the turn of a key. In fact, you even have the chance to win 1 Million Opals, which is enough for you to spend in-game credits for life. Crazy! In addition, there are new skins added: Winter War Kestrel (Rare), Gladiator Ardan (Epic), Gift-Wrapped Fortress (Special Edition), & Winter War Catherine (Special Edition).

Winter War Kestrel – Image Sourced From

Some of the biggest improvements in this update involves the Guild System. You can now find and join new guilds easily with the new ”Guild Finder.” Earning guild rep in solo matches has become easier than before as well. Let’s not forget the new guild admin tools which allows leaders to transfer ownership among other features.

Gladiator Ardan – Image Sourced From

Furthermore, heroes have been updated with new information & classifications such as the Captain, Carry, and Jungler. The new players will be provided with details to simplify the Vainglory universe. And with the new Developer API Integration, now you can access stats and match results in the game. Finally, there have been changes made to Alpha, Flicker, Joule, Kestrel, Koshka, Lyra, & Ozo. You can watch the new hero’s spotlight below.

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